The "Original" Marine

by Air-O-Lator Corporation


Prevents and Melts Ice


Products Available as follows:  


Model No.     Part No.             Description                                       Wts.        Price (US$)


IA-5-25         92IA511525       1/2-hp, 115-v w/25' power cord          26 lbs       $695.00


IA-5-50         92IA511550       1/2-hp, 115-v w/50' power cord          32 lbs       $765.00


IA-5-100       92IA5115100     1/2-hp, 115-v w/100' power cord         40 lbs       $855.00


IA-5-25         92IA523025       1/2-hp, 230-v w/25' power cord           24 lbs      $695.00


IA-5-50         92IA523050       1/2-hp, 230-v w/50' power cord           32 lbs      $765.00


IA5-100        92IA5230100     1/2-hp, 230-v w/100' power cord         40 lbs       $855.00


                                                   OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT (click here for photos)


FA36                 90FA36            Flotation Kit                                      24 lbs      $345.00

PG510          90PG5X10        Propeller Guard                                   2 lbs      $ 65.00

ELCI            90ELCI24230    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter,115-v            $ 55.00

ELCI            90ELCI26140    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter,230-v                            $100.00


Pricing is US funds.  Canadian customers are responsible for brokerage fees (if applicable) and GST/PST.

Payment method is via American Express Credit Card Logos MasterCard Credit Card Logos or Visa Merchant services   No COD's  Phone (1-800-821-3177) or email


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